PowerXL Duo-Nutrisealer Units

PowerXL™ Duo NutriSealer™ Vacuum Sealer

Model: HR0013/HR0013SS


Small Vacuum Container*
Large Vacuum Container*
Vacuum Tube Attachment
Bottle Stopper and Cover*
1-Quart Vacuum Sealer Zipper Bag*
1-Gallon Vacuum Sealer Zipper Bag*
Roll of PowerXL BioBags™
Wide-Mouth Canning Jar Sealer*
Regular Canning Jar Sealer*


Model Number Supply Power Rated Power Maximum Bag Width External Dimensions Cord Length Vacuum Sealer Bag Width
HR0013 120V~60Hz 140W 11″ 17.87″ x 3.27″ x 2.91″ 47.24″ 11″
HR0013SS 120V~60Hz 140W 11″ 17.87″ x 3.27″x 2.91″ 47.24″ 11″


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What is the Duo NutriSealer™ Vacuum Sealer and how is it different than other vacuum sealers?
The Duo NutriSealer™ Vacuum Sealer is a portable, powerful, handheld vacuum sealer that can seal almost any type of bag and almost any kind of ingredient – dry, frozen, fresh, and even liquids, including marinades.

The Duo NutriSealer is different than most other vacuum sealers because it gives you a double seal, which gives you a strong, more reliable seal and lets you make snack packs. You can also seal both vertically and horizontally in any position. Plus, the built-in bag cutter lets you cut bags to the perfect size, reducing bag waste.

Why is the Duo NutriSealer™ Vacuum Sealer easier to use than other vacuum sealers?
The Duo NutriSealer™ Vacuum Sealer is smaller and more compact than other vacuum sealers while being just as powerful. It’s both handheld and easy to store. Plus, the built-in bag cutter makes cutting bags to size simple.

How is the Duo NutriSealer™ Vacuum Sealer multifunctional?
The 6-in-1 Duo NutriSealer™ Vacuum Sealer lets you seal almost anything you can imagine: reusable bags, vacuum-sealable ziptop bags, food bags, containers, bottles, and snack packs.

What types of bags can I use?
Almost any type of vacuum-sealable bag up to 11 inches wide can be used. The reusable bags included with the Duo NutriSealer are designed to work best with this appliance.

Can I cook food in the reusable bags included with the Duo NutriSealer™ Vacuum Sealer?
Yes, you can cook food in the reusable bags included with the appliance. They’re also freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe.

How can I save money using the Duo NutriSealer™ Vacuum Sealer?
Using the Duo NutriSealer™ Vacuum Sealer allows you to buy food in bulk that will taste as fresh as the day you sealed it. You can seal leftovers, baked goods, and in-season fruits and vegetables, keeping them fresh longer. Meal prep in advance and seal your food fresh. Plus, the precision built-in bag cutter lets you cut your bags to size, reducing bag waste.

Is the Duo NutriSealer™ Vacuum Sealer only for food storage?
In addition to food, you can seal creams and liquids, like shampoo, for travel. Seal pill packs, protect items and documents from mildew or water damage, and even make freezable ice packs.

How can I make snack packs?
Since the Duo NutriSealer™ Vacuum Sealer makes a double seal and can seal both vertically and horizontally, you can seal smaller snack packs all at once. Simply portion out your snacks and use the sealer to divide a larger bag into smaller snack pack sections. With the double seal, you can cut one snack pack out of the larger bag without breaking the vacuum seal. This is also a great option for creating individual serving-size nut butter packs or individual servings of almost any type of food.

How do I customize the size of the bag?
The Duo NutriSealer™ Vacuum Sealer has an easy-to-use built-in bag cutter. Simply place your bag under the sealing arm and slide the bag cutter to cut the bag to your desired size.

What can I use the Duo NutriSealer™ Vacuum Sealer for?
You can use the Duo NutriSealer™ Vacuum Sealer to vacuum seal bags, food bags, plastic bags, bottles, and containers. Vacuum sealing helps keep food fresh longer, helping you eliminate food waste in your home.

How does the Duo NutriSealer keep food fresher? How is it different from freezing food?
The Duo NutriSealer™ Vacuum Sealer gives you an airtight double seal, which prevents air from getting into the bag. Vacuum sealing can be used to extend the life of food up to five times and helps prevent freezer burn.

What can the bottle stopper be used for?
You can use the bottle stopper to vacuum seal opened bottles, such as wine bottles, oil bottles, and non-carbonated liquids, keeping the contents fresh for longer.

What are the dimensions?
17.87” x 3.27” x 2.91″

What is the weight of the unit?
2.2 lbs

How does the Duo NutriSealer™ Vacuum Sealer help reduce waste?
The Duo NutriSealer™ Vacuum Sealer helps you keep food fresh longer, meaning you’ll throw away less food, saving you money.

How easy is the Duo NutriSealer™ Vacuum Sealer to clean?
The Duo NutriSealer™ Vacuum Sealer comes with a built-in drip tray that helps catch crumbs and drippings to help keep your countertop clean. Cleaning the sealer is easy; simply wipe clean with a warm, moist cloth.

Will the appliance work with 220 voltage or convertor?
“The appliance will not work with 220 volt power supply and should not be used with a converter. Using with a converter could damage the appliance, the converter, and the outlet. Using a converter will invalidate the guarantee and any protection plan policy.”

How easy is the Duo NutriSealer™ Vacuum Sealer to clean?
Use warm soapy water on a dishcloth and wipe the unit clean. Do not submerge the unit in water. If you have food or liquid in the channel wipe the channel clean. You can remove the bag channel guide to aid in cleaning the channel and replace it onto the unit when cleaning is complete. You can remove the padding (top and bottom) from the unit but should only be removed if necessary to properly clean.

How do I seal liquids?
You can seal in the containers, vacuum seal bags, or in a customized bag. If you select a bag, we recommend that you place the bag in a bowl to support the liquid and keep the bag upright. Hold the unit above the bag, insert the open part of the bag, and press the Vacuum Seal option, once the liquid starts to rise toward the top of the bag, Press Vacuum Seal to stop it and then select the Seal option.

Sealing bags with liquid, whether it be vacuum or standard sealing, requires more than 1” of space between the liquid and sealing area. If there is not enough space between the liquid and the end of the bag, the liquid will seep into the vacuum channel or will spill out the unsealed end of the bag before it can be sealed.

If sealing liquid with a bag standing up and the unit in the air, ensure 2-4” of extra bag material at the sealing end and ensure liquid doesn’t get sucked into the vacuum channel. If liquid does get sucked into the vacuum channel, set the unit on the countertop in the normal upright position and then open it and wipe the liquid out.

Can I use any jars to seal?
No, the lids are designed to fit mason jars. Make sure that you use the attachment to only seal the lid (the flat circle part) – do not seal with the ring attached. Once the vacuum seal is complete, remove the attachment and screw on the ring.


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